Veterinarians are invited to call, text, or email Dr. Kuhlman (Greg) anytime to discuss any case you have.  There is absolutely no charge to just to talk through any interesting case you are working up.

We're here to support you and your clients.

Full Abdominal Ultrasound (Stand alone exam. Consult not required.)

Single Organ Ultrasound

Single System Ultrasound (e.g., urinary tract.)

Thoracic Ultrasound

Cervical Ultrasound

Ultrasound fine needle aspirates (one or two organs)

Echocardiogram (includes cardiology consult)

Short Term Internal Medicine Consult (One-time consult, in-clinic or via phone/email. Includes medical record review.)

Long Term Internal Medicine Consult (Three months of unlimited consultative support.  This is for the patient with a chronic disease that requires frequent rechecking.)

Other internal medicine or cardiology procedures available upon request (e.g. bone marrow biopsy, esophageal feeding tube placement, joint taps, thoracocentesis or abdominocentesis, Holter monitor, etc.)

Coming Soon: Endoscopy Services

Rates available upon request

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