Headshot of Dr. Greg Kuhlman, DVM DACVIM

Dr. Greg Kuhlman, DVM DACVIM (SAIM)

Dr. Greg Kuhlman is a distinguished veterinarian with a deep-rooted passion for the well-being of working dogs. Growing up on the outskirts of Madison, Wisconsin, he was introduced to the world of animals at a young age. Dr. Kuhlman's educational journey led him to the University of Wisconsin, where he earned his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. Following his graduation, he embarked on further training with an internship in small animal medicine and surgery at the VCA Animal Emergency and Referral Center of Arizona, and a residency in small animal internal medicine at Texas A&M University. His academic excellence was recognized with scholarships from the American Kennel Club, including the notable Dr. Asa Mays Award.

In his professional career, Dr. Kuhlman has brought his expertise to a private veterinary clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah, specializing in internal medicine. His commitment to advancing veterinary medicine is evident in his authorship of numerous peer-reviewed research articles, which explore a range of topics from innovative diagnostic techniques to specific disease treatments in dogs.

Before his veterinary pursuits, Dr. Kuhlman contributed significantly to science as a microbiologist with NASA's Planetary Protection and Biotechnology Group, where he worked on preventing bacterial contamination of Mars. This experience, though rewarding, led him to realize his true calling was in veterinary medicine, particularly in caring for and improving the lives of canine athletes.

Dr. Kuhlman's dedication extends beyond his clinical practice. He is actively involved in the canine sporting community, where he has earned respect not only as a competitor but also as a judge and organizer. His work in this arena demonstrates his commitment to the health and performance of sporting dogs.

He is also committed to supporting charitable causes, eagerly contributing his veterinary expertise and leadership to the English Springer Spaniel Foundation as a governor. Dr. Kuhlman's unique combination of skills, experience, and passion for animal welfare positions him as a key advocate for the health and well-being of dogs, making significant contributions to veterinary medicine and the broader animal-loving community.

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