Beehive Vet

Our Commitment: Beehive Mobile Veterinary Internal Medicine Service is dedicated to supporting your clinic with specialized internal medicine care.

Our mission:  To work with the patient’s primary care veterinarian to provide comprehensive diagnostics and treatments within the comfort of your own facility. We value the trust you and your clients place in us and strive to offer timely, high-level care without the wait associated with external referrals.

Through partnering with us, your practice will gain direct access to Dr. Greg Kuhlman’s expertise in advanced veterinary internal medicine, enhancing your clinic's capabilities and allowing for swift, in-house management of complex cases.

Our mobile service is designed to integrate smoothly with your operations, maintaining the continuity of care and supporting the health and well-being of your patients with minimal impact on your practice.

Internal Medicine Specialist:  Dr. Greg Kuhlman, DVM, DACVIM (SAIM)

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